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The question was raised on Twitter about ships for The Dragon Prince and I started to reply to but realized it was turning into a whole post, so...

I fell hard in the first freaking episode for the ships that have been dearest to me ever since, but also for like... all the characters, especially the adults... (Kinda vaguely in order of how much I care...)

Varrai (Sarai/Harrow/Viren) is best ship & form of government, my mind will not be changed.  Pls to bring me all the Everyone LIves AUs with a side of Happy Power OT3 Parents.  The show keeps underlining the importance of their relationship by showing how messed up and out of balance everything is with one gone, talking about the three tools of justice correlated with their problem-solving perspectives, etc. I'm ok with lots of variations... Like maybe they aren't all together all the time or exclusively or the actual romance and/or sex bit is more of King Harrow Timeshare Agreement, or the marriage is largely for formality /convenience / An Oracle Did It... But they have to all like & respect each other & be important.

Virrow (Harrow/Viren) = hot dads basically canon in most of the ways I really care about.  Definitively The Most Important People In Each Other's Lives WIth The Painting To Prove It.  We could have had husbands and that's sad.  We also could have had like, friends to lovers to friendly exes to frenemies who play chess & try to undermine each other's war strategies / struggles to control the fate of the human kingdoms. 

I was already in deep by the time it was clear just how much angst / heart sporking this ship canonically brings.  I like making fluffy AUs cuz they deserve to be happy.  There will always be tension, an edge, arguing... but that can be pretty fluffy when you're not dealing with stuff like assassination attempts. Some of my fav flavors include
- No significant hurt, just dad stuff and pancakes and sometimes breakups cuz Sarai Always Lives
- Hurt with lots & lots of comfort
- They hurt each other & enjoy it, with special subcategory Harrow Admits Dark Magic Is Useful & Also Hot

Viren/Mystery Parent - It seemed like forever til their was any information about the brodigies other parent(s), and I really wanted to fill that space with OCs.  And I wrote stuff and didn't post it, woe, but I guess I still will? If I'm fitting it with another main ship then I'm trying to minimize angst, and IMO Lord Pragmatism & Creative Solutions would totally be up for all kinds of arrangements / experiments / not listening to His Royal Boringness give advice about the proper way to make a family.  Then also there's the thing of, you can have an OC or Mystery Mom and go all in with the romance / smut / love story / etc., but that person is going to have to accept that they will never be first in his heart and life and reasons for sacrifice.  Maybe tied?  Maybe the king and the kids are tied and they're like, right next?

Sarai/Opeli - I Just Think They're Neat and I should really post some fic I guess.

Sarai/Lady Justice - It's canon and great

Sarai/any woman character - & also especially the one lady in the council who's maybe the head of the Crown Guard or not & hopefully didn't die & I'm calling her Panya

Sarai/domming the hell out of everyone

Sarai/Viren's ex - I'm realizing there's a lot of ways to do this & I've only really thought about like 1.5 of them...

Anyone/everyone/Viren - bring it plz thx, but I mostly prefer humans and formed my opinions in S1... have done Gren/Viren & prob will again...

Viren/Marcos - I might have gotten a lot out of the scout report scene & been encouraged...

Corvus/Gren - I was confused for a while & thought they were closer in age, but I still like this ship a lot.  Canonical reasons to think they have spent a bunch of time together & developed trust...


Janaya - I really super like friends to lovers but enemies to lovers can be real good too I want to see them interact more and more Janai everything

Annika/Neha/doing stuff and not dying

Marcos/Soren - they can be cute sweet gay & possibly trans jocks together, shy in different ways & foolish in different ways

Raylium?  Raydium?  Whatever the Claudia/Rayla/Callum ship is called.  I like OT3s and Claudia should have everything and everyone she wants and I believe she can save the world.  

Tink/Runaan and also Tink/Runaan/Rayla's parents 

Lujanne/some husbands or spouses 
Lujanne/a bunch of the guests at your wedding where she is catering with versatile, creative protein sources
Lujanne/fun with with magic
Lujanne can freak my bean anytime, is what I'm getting at here...

Are there any ships I really don't like?  I don't really think of any.  They made everyone hot and mostly interesting and I feel like almost everyone who interacts has at least some chemistry.  I don't really think about shipping the kids, but yes if you write Future Ellis / Future Aanya I will read it. 

Viravos and to a certain extent Rayllum are things I try to avoid cuz I'm not interested and they. are. everywhere!!! and especially like so many Virrow & Viren fan persons sailed away with the sparkly elf and I just... I am happy for them but I just. don't. get it. and it's like it takes energy to deal with that?  IDK.  It's like Bagginshield or Thorki ealier in my fandom experience, but now I write fic sometimes, so in addition to sifting thru content to find stuff that's... not that... I'm also, like, berating myself for not making more and better content.

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... and it's like...

"A long time ago in, a galaxy far away, there was a project called the Avengers Initiative.  These are the voyages of the Dread Pirate Roberts.  Everything changed when the Wraith attacked.  But I believe Claudia can save the world.  And the next leap will be the leap home."
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CN: Ableism, verbal abuse

 - The Dragon Prince, Virrow, Varrai, (maybe they're not canon exactly but they represent the three aspects of justice and that's almost good enough...), glowy lifeforce magic & ethics & politics thereof

- Queer rep & its intersections w/ parenting, neurodiversity, & maybe hot parents on animated TV shows

- Black Spec Fic!!!  (& queer rep in same & hope for future animated TV shows, etc.)

- Neurodivergence is a thing and maybe if you are an AFAB parent who has spent significant portions of your life hearing things like, "You're too smart to act this stupid," and "If you cared about it enough to cry this hard you'd keep track of it so you must be faking," etc., you might want to look into the neuropsych testing and the support groups and also medication and yeah it's expensive and paperwork but there are things that help and I've actually learned about a couple of them.  Medication isn't for everyone, but it can help you not just lie in bed all understanding you have 8 important things to do but constantly going in circles about which one to start with.  I just took mine, can you tell?!?
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Spoilers for The Dragon Prince, including S2,

CN: kiling animals, drug addiction

I dislike the way the creators of The Dragon Prince keep referring to the Glowy Lifeforce Magic as "easy."

Easy for whom?  Compared to what?

Random people can't just do it.  You have to learn.  In general, you have to study a lot, and develop skills mixing ingredients, tracing runes, making your voice do the weird backward echo-y thing, focusing your concentration.  And then, oh yeah, if you do it enough it starts messing up your body and presumably also your mind and soul. I don't call that easy.

In addition, to do a lot of spells, at least the first time, you might have to kill a living creature.  If not, you have to deal with magical creature body parts, and possibly non-magical creature parts as well?  These parts are confusing to me.  It's presented like it's both the magical nature of the creature's body and the death that's required, but that's not really consistently shown.  But my point here is that
1. It's gross, so definitely not for everyone, and
2. It takes an emotional and spiritual toll.  Killing is not something that's easy for most people.  You can get used to it.  And we're all used to benefiting from the death of animals (and people) indirectly.  But if we had to kill animals for food or clothing or to get their fancy clot-fighting blood or in self-defense or even to put them out of their misery, that would be difficult for many of us.

But yeah, the learning thing

It's kind of easy for Callum, in the sense that he picks it up quickly just from watching someone else do it and after a few basics were explained.  So, kind of like my brother being able to play tunes on the piano by ear or people being able to learn dance moves just by watching, if those things sickened you physically and spiritually and possibly put you in danger of your soul and body dying.  Which they don't, so the analogy is strained.

It's easy, now, for Claudia, the way things come easily when you've grown up practicing them, and yeah, having talent.  It's rewarding, but it's hard work.  And in the extreme, it takes a big toll.

Viren we don't know as much about, in terms of his path to using magic in general and this type of magic in particular.  All that research doesn't seem real easy, though.  Plus someone is doing work acquiring all these magical ingredients... 

Added in with the drug metaphor there's this implication that people who self-medicate with what's available are taking the "easy way," and that's just... UGH!  But I don't think that's a good metaphor, since drug use doesn't have that much of a directed effect on the wider world. 

I feel like it makes a lot more sense to talk about stuff like pollution or fossil fuels or something.  And there again, it's not bad because it's easy.  Mining coal or drillng oil isn't easy.  Using fossil fuels only seem quick or easy or cheap when we ignore the massive costs and deny that it's the user's problem.  At the same time, blaming people who rely on widely available technology to make their lives better is bad and wrong.  And the issue is a bit confused here since a lot of the harm is being done to the people directly involved in the questionable thing, tho of course that can be true in real life.  Just because you're also poisoning yourself doesn't mean you should get to expose others...

There seems to be the implication that it's easier than using primal magic, but humans either aren't able to connect with that or believe they aren't, so WTF?  And if the way to get there is passing through some dark-night-of-the-soul spiritual ordeal thing...
1. Dark magic use seems to involve that, too, at least somewhat? and
2. What about all the people who don't get there?  They shouldn't have access to power that might be needed as a last resort defense or...

It does make sense to have some kind of psycho-spiritual test for people going on to master powerful magic and use it.  I bet they would have had stuff like that in a Xadian society where elves and humans studied magic.  And they should have something like that in magic training for humans.  

But that's all about using power responsibly.  It really doesn't have anything to do with things being "easy" or "shortcuts.'  I guess I sort of see those terms being used to mean "not thinking about the consequences," but that's not what the words themselves mean.  And who does stuff without thinking about the consequences in the flashback?  Not the dark magic user.

This reminds me of things like Star Wars, and VLD as someone else mentioned yesterday.  Where people whose traumatic lives have led them to have more fear and less trust are turned away from magic power because their souls are corrupted or whatever.  And I don't have too much of a problem with the idea that fear and rage make your magic iffy and your soul vulnerable.  Just be clear that those things aren't the fault of the abused person, and there should be a clear path to healing and learning that's worth taking. 


Feb. 14th, 2019 06:32 pm
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Give them a different chance
Where love and war do a different dance
Where death can wait
Where joy can grow
Where peace is strong
And anger slow

Give them a time to smile
To doubt, to laugh, to rest a while
To lose, and cry,
And fail, and fall,
But rise, and try
To save it all

Give them your own dear dream
Where hopeful futures brightly gleam
Where grief and fear
And harm and pain
Are minor strands
Within the skein

Give them your heart's desire
Your deepest wish, your secret fire
Weave them well
With words of art
Then give them to us
To hold in our hearts
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Royalty, arranged/fake/political marriages...
...sometimes work in an office...

This was super fun!

Rank Name
1 Fairy Tale/Mythology AU
2 Hot Single Parent(s)
3 Friends to Lovers
3 Loyalty Kink
5 Polyamory
6 Accidentally Fell In Love With The Mission Target
7 Snowed-In Cabin/Isolated Together For Extended Period of Time
8 Reincarnation/'25 Lives' AU
9 Enemies to Friends to Lovers
10 Characters Swap Roles AU (I don't mean in the bedroom)
11 Seemingly Unrequited Pining
12 'Falling For A Coworker/Teammate Is A Bad Idea' Except This Is Fiction So It Works Out
13 Hurt/Comfort
14 Supernatural Creature/Human Romance
15 Found Families
16 Fake Dating/Fake Marriage Accidentally Turns Into Feelings
17 Unusually Specific Occupation AU, Like, The Author Clearly Has The Same Job
18 Royals/Political Marriage Turns Into Feelings
19 Adopting/Raising a Baby
20 'They All Work In An Office' AU
21 High School/University AU
22 Body Swapping
23 'Groundhog Day'/Karmic Time Loop
24 And They Were Roommates!
25 They Break Up (but then They Get Back Together)
26 Coffee House AU/Food Service AU
27 'Everyone is Evil'/Mirrorverse AU
28 Magical Connection (Telepathy, etc)
29 Soulmate Identifying Marks (Tattoo, Red Thread of Fate, etc)
30 Amnesia Fic
31 Selfcest (possibly due to time travel)
32 Hogwarts AU
32 Daemons
34 Vampires/Werewolves AU
35 Pride and Prejudice AU
36 A/B/O
37 Actually Unrequited Pining
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- Sarai & Viren are friends or colleagues.

- Explicit consent! (Often verbal. Or reference to prior consent...)

- So. much. dialogue.

- Dialogue like: "Words, words words..." *kiss* "...words..." *kiss* "...words..."

- Viren
1. objects to his fancy clothes being messed with
2. carefully deals w/ fancy clothes in what other people might consider the heat of passion
3. goes with it but still has clothes feelings

- Possibly an OC or two

- 90% chance of reference to ancient Katolis OCs

- Kissing in general. Hand kissing. Hands.

- Napkins, pillows, stale bread, etc. exist so lovers and siblings can throw them at each other
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Fic I've shared, mostly on the Team Viren Discord, but not put up at AO3, yet

Most of it, or is supposed to eventually be, part of longer things

A lot of this is NSFW, but not all, and I tried to age-restrict the posts properly

Includes instances of cis author trying not to fuck up trans characters

Feedback is a gift


"Can't Leave / Can't Stay" aka modern AU with cheating that will not have that much angst because I'm me
"Business Slut" Viren loses a bet, Harrow admits some stuff to himself: https://lonespark.dreamwidth.org/129286.html
"Baby Slut" college flashback, Viren/Tink kissing: https://lonespark.dreamwidth.org/132952.html

"Once Upon a Time in Katolis" : https://lonespark.dreamwidth.org/115789.html

"Abomination" (I posted this before but it's genderbent now.  Moms kick dragon ass, face consequences.):  https://lonespark.dreamwidth.org/134013.html

"How We Belong" (Convergence, Part 1): https://lonespark.dreamwidth.org/121140.html

"Reunion" (Prologue to varrai fic/series tentatively titled "Of All The Inns..."): https://lonespark.dreamwidth.org/111816.html


"The Scout": https://lonespark.dreamwidth.org/118423.html
"Service": https://lonespark.dreamwidth.org/118539.html
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...and they both involve writing once in a blue moon.

1. Applies to real life: Writing letter begging for funding for our Adults with ADHD and Learning Disabilities support group run by the state vocational rehab agency.

2. Writing fic, usually explicit, about ships I don't have a lot of feelings about but IDK I drank some espresso at work and it's 3 am and wow that's 9 pages and the castle has a bath complex now.

I guess we could also go for another kinda meta skill:

3. Putting in the effort to learn a new skill cuz it will help me please my friends with words and/or pictures of cartoon dads kissing.
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I'm not saying Viren is the most relatable character I've ever seen on TV, but... maybe I am. Consider the very specific relatable events:

a. When you get in an argument with your ex for the tenth time and he expects you to understand his perspective, and you know that logically you should, because you should be able to remember and draw inferences based on social communication clues, but you literally can't, so you say, "I don't understand," and he says, "I know you don't," like it's the most unsurprising yet still disappointing thing ever.

b. When you're super fucking stressed and your neurodivergent daughter has something important to say, but she's not using words, and you don't want to have to think hard to figure out what she means, plus you always feel the pressure to remind her that other people in the world won't understand her if she doesn't.

c. When your ex is super fucking stressed and doesn't want to deal with you, but you have something important to discuss, so you go see him, but you communicate badly and then he's being a prick, and it's theoretically possible that you could find ways to de-escalate the situation to everyone's benefit, but you're hurt and pissed off, so instead you try to be an even bigger asshole and ruin literally everything because that will fucking show him.

Like, all of these things happen to me at least every few months.
Thankfully elf assassins are rare in the greater New England area.
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The stream of Dark Magic energy Viren is channeling with her staff winds around her, draining some of her own life force as she focuses it with her right hand, charging Harrow's blade as the dragon draws closer. In the end, it's easier than Viren feared to strike down this patriarch of sky magic and storm fury. A thousand years of failure and death on the part of humans have made Thunder complacent enough to reject using most of his magic and try simply rending these pitiful adversaries with tooth and claw. By the time he changes his mind, it's too late.

Viren has triumphed where so many others faltered, with her staff, her many spells, her long years of practice, her magnificent queen, and her unwavering commitment. If she now feels as though her very soul were wrung dry, crumpled and cast-off, well... the price is worth it.

When Harrow turns from the wreck of the great dragon to her High Mage, she does not see the woman he knows. Viren's skin is the bleached grey of ancient stone, her eyes inhuman orbs of darkness sparked with violet flame. She has seen the darkened eyes before, and watched them return to normal shortly after the completion of a spell. This is different and shocking.


Jan. 24th, 2019 10:07 pm
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Three colors of roses in the garden of our love:

White for the purity of my devotion,

Red for the blood I would shed to keep you from harm,

Black for the darkness we came through,
alone and together
to dwell at last in shared joy.

Alone, I feel the touch of winter
splintering me with betrayal...

We were supposed to leave together,
and now I fear the journey
yet I know that I will find you at the end

Baby Slut

Jan. 22nd, 2019 08:32 am
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This particular event was pretty far out of Viren's comfort zone, but he was having fun. Still, even though almost everyone was topless, Viren felt excessively naked.

"Opeli, I need my shirt back."

"It's in the car. I only have this one. I guess it could be appropriate for you, my young apprentice... Put it on and let's dance!"

After a few songs the noise and crowd became overwhelming, so Viren retrieved his book and retreated to a corner filled with comfortable beanbags. The corner was already occupied by a shirtless person with deep brown skin and green eyes. They had glittery purple and gold makeup on, and their long hair was purple with blonde highlights. It looked amazing, but even more amazing was the fact they were making origami dragons.

Viren watched, fascinated, as nimble fingers shaped another dragon and placed it on the coffee table beside several friends. The maker had sparkly purple electrical tape over their nipples, and a sticker on the left side of their chest that read, "Hello, my name is Tink, my pronouns are they/them."

Viren asked, "Excuse me if this is a personal question, but... isn't that going to hurt when you take it off?"

Tink laughed. "Probably! At least I shaved first. But I probably should have oiled myself like a gladiator. It'll probably soak off in the shower..."

"Got any more stickers?"

"Yeah, here."

Viren filled out a sticker and carefully placed it on his recently acquired Baby Slut shirt. Tink smiled. "Nice to meet you, Viren. Love the beard, dude."

Viren grinned. "Thanks! I love it! I feel like every time I looked in the mirror my whole life it was missing and now it's not and I'm the real me. Maybe not in this shirt, though..."

Tink laughed again and shrugged. "It can be fun to cut loose sometimes! Do you mind if I call you pretty?"

"Hmmmm... no."

"You're a very pretty man. I'd like to kiss you. Would that be ok?"

"On the lips?"

"Yes, or whatever you want."

"Let me think about it."

"Great." Tink pulled out a phone and sent a text message, then went back to origami, pausing to read a reply message and glancing at Viren occasionally in companionable silence.

Viren tried to go back to reading but found it no longer held his interest, so he spoke up.

"Yes, I want to." Tink put the paper aside and leaned close. Viren hesitantly kissed their lips, Tink returned an obviously more experienced kiss, and they spent the next twenty minutes making out and snuggling.

Eventually Viren yawned, and Tink yawned too and asked, "You want to get out of here?"

"Are you asking me to come home with you?" The idea made Viren nervous and confused.

Tink shook their head. "No, I'm just getting ready to leave and offering you a ride. I'm going to go home to my boring husband."

"You're married?!?"

"Yes. He said it was fine to make out with pretty boys as long as I came home soon. If you were expecting something more serious, I'm sorry."

Viren shook his head, mostly relieved if a little disappointed. "No, that's fine. I just didn't want to be helping you cheat. I'd love a ride, thanks. Let me just go tell Opeli."

When he woke up the next morning, Opeli, who had obviously not been to sleep yet, handed him a cup of coffee and a muffin and informed him that he had gold lipstick all over his face.
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It has been forever since I updated anything and I can't remember how to change journal titles. Help?
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Human characters with long hair: Harrow, Claudia, and Corvus.*

The best ones!

First two aren't soldiers, but Corvus is, so, maybe he's a special kind of soldier, or maybe the army doesn't care what you do with your hair? In which case we can probably assume all the characters have their preferred hairstyles, except possibly the kids.

Long hair on men/everyone fits at least as well with the historical periods that inspire this kind of fantasy, so why didn't they do that?**

And how do I figure out good hairstyles for genderswapped chars? Especially Viren, I just don't know where to start...

*Opeli too, I guess, but she's not a major char yet
**some/many of the elf dudes have long hair, so maybe that's why?
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There's a lot of parallels in The Dragon Prince, especially in terms of characterization, but also scenes and dialogue and and and... It's nifty and artaline wrote an awesome meta about generational parallels here: artaline.tumblr.com/post/178976249738/tdp-season-1-thoughts

Sometime soon I wanna write some stuff about the extremist mentor parallels between Viren and Runaan.

But today I started thinking about parallels in events across centuries.

Viren escalating the war is kind of similar to the human expulsion from Xadia. In both cases a real event that occurred and was bad is used to justify something monstrous, targeting tons of innocent people and affecting a lot of history. And in both cases we don't know
1. Exactly what happened
2. What it was in reponse to
3. Who was involved and what they stood to gain

We probably won't find all that stuff out re: OG Dark Mage times, tho how freaking cool would it be if they did include a lot of that in the story?
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This started as a pile of tweets but that was getting out of hand...

I was responding to tweets saying we don't care if our ship is canon, and we know that's not something they could get away with on a kids' show.

I have been thinking about this and like, no, I don't care if my ship is canon, but ships that show that bi people exist, and have lives and kids and are complicated? I need that, and so does my family.

I was remembering how much Korrasami made me feel seen and validated but like, I'm not a teenager? My whole public queer life has been as a parent.

I need my life to be normal on kids' shows.

And if we lived in the world where "The king's ex-boyfriend is kind of a jackass" was just a thing that made sense and the notable, arguable thing in fandom was exactly how much of a jackass he is? That would be part of that good world.

You get there by having a lot of queer characters. Not just young ones. Not just ones involved in current romantic relationships. Not just couples where they're both the likable, heroic one.

And this reminds me of Gods and Monsters, and of growing up during the AIDS crisis with invisible lesbians. Perhaps that should be a different post?
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I think maybe it's inevitable that you're going to queercode your magic users. Liminality and deviance are just where magic lives. It's a way a around the ordinary rules, by paying costs much of society shrinks from.

So that's why it's super disappointing that so many deviant weirdo magic users get depicted as villains, even if they're sympathetic ones. I want those people to be heroes, and to show that existing in liminal spaces and breaking your culture's expectations can be a strength. Yeah, they can go too far and give up too much, but so can the dude with the sword and the "honor," and those people do it with society's blessing much more often.

I do like a good combat wizard doing both, but again they're rarely as weird and queer as they could be if they're heroes...

Which brings me to Odin, and this amazing poem I will never get over:


There was a period where I had recently watched The Dragon Prince and I ended up reading three stories in a row about evil sorcerors.

One of those was opposed by another strange wizard and a lesbian queen.

And one was specifically pointed out as "A sorceror who Went Bad, unlike all the other ones who helped the chief and served the ancestors but are Not Appearing In This Book."

I forget what was up with the third one.

But what I was craving was the effeminate dude, or the sneaky subby silver-tongued weirdo of non-standard gender, who is the hero of the story, the helpful advisor, the protector of kingdoms and bringer of victory. We have that in myths and folktales, but we keep not putting it in our kids's cartoons with hot dads and it's past time for that nonsense.

Then I remembered The Graveyard of Empires is a thing, and a new chapter was uploaded, and all the trans witch princess warrior Goth goodness blessed my crops and my family. It can do it for you, too:



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