Jul. 1st, 2016

lonespark: Cassidy from "Far Beyond the Stars" (Cassidy Yates)
so of course the movie is not about him.

What I mean is...
George Washington Williams, or some fictionalized pastiche of him, is apparently being portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson in a movie.
Unfortunately that movie is some weak-ass Tarzan reboot shite.

George Washington Williams was the kind of guy who could be the star of a whole series of movies, I think... and that's despite the fact that he died fairly young. Because he did ALL THE THINGS.

The main reason I know about him is because he is one of the primary heroes whose stories get told in King Leopold's Ghost. If you didn't know that much about the history of the Congo, and/or got caught up in the narrative, you would get hopeful when George Washington Williams got involved...

But GWW was an American, and he had a few other awesome careers before he made it to Africa and Europe. As SLJ says in the interview I just read on the subway, he was "a Renaissance man" who "wrote an interesting treatise on being Black in America. Very, very interesting guy..."

I just looked him up on Blackpast.org and that mustache is just killing it. I don't even like mustaches! WTF, long-dead charming dude?

He died at 41. He was a pastor, a legislator, a historian, a journalist... Dude was non-stop!!!


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