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Heathen Reinterpretation

(Watching Hamilton's America)
POTUS talks about Founding Fathers "flying by the seat of their pants." Which, YEAH, THAT.

That's the thing to get about history, and it's so hard. Textbooks don't do it. Primary sources can, and museums, and immersive living history stuff.

But none of those are nearly as effective as REINTERPRETATIONS, like Hamilton. Critical to religion, to history too, to storytelling in general.

Also this is something Heathenism desperately needs. Marvel did add a tiny bit, for those willing to dig out the gems. American Gods probably will, too.

But how fucking amazing and wonderful and reaffirming of a vibrant Heathen culture in the modern world would it be if we had multiple interpretations of the gods in our cultural context, in our vernacular?

This is necessary. Anything less abandons our connection to gods, wights, ancestors, mythic truth, to those who want it trapped in distant past they can recast in their own stupid, racist image.

So that's an ongoing goal for me, to look for the excellent modern stuff and spread it around, and commission it if I ever can...

Incorrect Edda is cool in this regard.

So are modern historical fictions like an awesome one a friend is writing...

And I know I've been involved in discussions and read articles about where the gods are really seen in our everyday lives, and how to meaningfully answer question like my "What Would Frigga Do?" shirt asks...