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lonespark ([personal profile] lonespark) wrote2017-04-15 01:05 am

Queer country for 90s kids?

You guys I was reading this article and I found out that Ty Herndon is gay and now I have "What Matters Most" stuck in my head...

And also I was reminded about how I used to ship Craig Morgan Dad from the "Every Friday Afternoon" video with Collin Raye Cop Dad from the "I Think About You" video and I think I wrote a ficlet about it that I believe involved someone doing a karaoke version of "Stand By Your Man?"

I was definitely working on a long original fic about a closeted singer-songwriter dude and there was unrequited pining and disgrace and drinking and awards-show shenanigans and eventually finding love with a bull rider... That was actually kind of good and I wish I knew where the paper notes from circa 2003 are now.

Same article informed me that Chely Wright was dating Brad Paisley for pretendsies and reminded me how much fun it is when Dolly Parton and Melissa Etheridge hang out and I could file a few numbers off and ship that, too...