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lonespark ([personal profile] lonespark) wrote2017-01-09 12:14 pm

Silence from our "friends" would be better than this fucking bullshit




So, ok, stuff like this is going around, but what is striking me is the ableism.
People want to know how misinformed people can "function without keepers."
Liberal entertainer pundit dudes call the Fascist-in-Chief-Elect "learning disabled."
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME YOU BACKSTABBING SO-CALLED ALLIES?!? You insult your enemies by comparing them to decent people who just want to get through the day in a society that constantly questions their right to exist?!?

The mental illness aspect I have been ranting about for a while, but I have noticed an uptick in insulting people with cognitive challenges, (which of course is neurodiversity and overlaps with mental health issues), and anyone who doesn't meet their definition of "fully independent adult."

It's so f'ed up because it's exactly the same thing Trump and the conservatives do, mocking people who ever need or seek help or support with anything!
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[personal profile] redsixwing 2017-01-10 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)
GAH. No, not okay.

I've seen an uptick in this as well. Was hoping I was correlating inappropriately, but maybe not.

With friends like these..