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lonespark ([personal profile] lonespark) wrote2016-12-13 10:21 am

Tyrsday for Justice: Pitchers and cups, oxygen masks, and strength for All The Fights

The Plan involves caring for one's Self, Body, Mind and Soul, and supporting one's People in doing the same.

Both of those things are hard. They are struggles that are worthy and necessary and honorable urgent. Especially so in difficult times we know will continue for a goodly while.

My list of Things To Do:

1. Collecting and utilizing music and art that feeds my soul and connects me with my values, my gods, and my folk

2. Making the effort to show up in person to events when I can.

3. Using online communication that helps, and reconfiguring stuff that offers distractions, however worthy.

4. Making the effort to maintain connections with friends and allies who are 100% worth it, and making the effort to be 100% worth it right back or at least to make it clear to them where I stand.

5. Accruing resources when I can, and sharing as much as possible, and not getting caught up in what I worry it might say about me when I succeed or fail, because it's Not About Me at all.

These things are not going swimmingly at present, but that is a reminder of why they are important, and I am mostly in a Planning to Plan stage...

Immediately upon reviewing these I note there are Invisible Staircase problems. By which I mean, there are steps that must be taken before I would be able to implement these things or even figure out how to implement them...

Like, so, 5 is kind of the easiest, maybe, because it's so general? I have lots of privilege. That's a kind of power, and I can make efforts to use it for good. Futhermore it's a springboard to greater power and thus more opportunity to help others. More life stability, better job, etc. will help with that. And I am working on that anyway, but it helps to be able to remind myself of truly important motivations and goals.

2 is the most concrete and specific already, and I am already doing it but not nearly enough, so that is the most actionable. Imma put "Listen to inspiring music" on my Daily list in Habitica. So I will get rewards for doing it, and I already have it set up so rewards I earn for doing stuff include "song," "album" "ebook" "poster" etc... Other things I need to do to make this work include improved organization and access. My room and especially my books are not well-organized. And music is even worse. So those are related sub-goals...

I will look at the other stuff another time. Soon, hopefully...