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lonespark ([personal profile] lonespark) wrote2016-10-21 10:33 am

Things I Demand From a Job / Work Environment


Flexiblility in rates of doing things.
So, "Complete Task X by Time Y" generally ok, but not for particular subtasks or activities.
Not "spend 30 to 45 minutes accomplishing X." (I think this means NO BILLABLE HOURS!!!11, but maybe it depends how it's allocated?)

Similarly, flexibility in ways of doing things.
"Accomplish goals Q thru X" ok.
"Follow this flowchart" super-great, assuming it's a good flowchart.
"Follow Procedures in Manual, consulting subparagraphs and subsections as necessary" also good, tho I may need some options for information other than "Black and white Walls of Text.l"
"Go thru the following motions like a robot at X speed after learning them from reading or watching someone else" will ABSOLUTELY NOT FLY, and things that come close in any respect are also DO NOT WANT.

A schedule that is consistent in some major respects.
So, always the same every day = good.
Always the same every Tuesday, etc. = good.
Always the same under X circumstance and different in Y way under Z circumstance = ok, tho there could be issues with the amount of varying and amount of warning.

An alternate schedule thing that has worked in the past is,
Completely flexible as long as meeting conditions A-D.
But, I think it's not ideal, and it's really impossible given my current life situation with obligations with kids and stuff. It has allowed me to trick myself into severe procrastination, and even if that's avoided, it leads to spending a lot of mental effort and energy on decision-making. This is usually not worth it. It could be if flexibility offered huge advantages for the particular field?

Bonus considerations:
Food available onsite = super-great! Totally worth a lot of money to me.

Able to commute by public transportation = awesome.
Able to commute by walking or biking = good, tho tricky bcuz weather...
Able to commute by anything involving me not having to drive and park = good.

Having to drive as part of the work = somewhat ungood, but it really depends.
Going to certain worksites periodically, especially in a company vehicle or rental = fine.
Having to drive a personal vehicle to certain sites just to show up = meh.

Having to drive a personal vehicle and transport equipment, or having to arrange rentals, or having to coordinate by phone with others = NO DO NOT WANT AAAARGH!!!

Most things involving talking on the phone = ROCKS FALL, EVERYTHING IS CRAP! (Sooo much more to be said on this subject!)

Things involving extra effort around communication and logistics = Probably not worth it if I'm still having to meet other people's standards.
Probably very worth it if I get to be my own boss/other people's boss. (More on the other people's boss thing later...)