May. 14th, 2017

lonespark: Cassidy from "Far Beyond the Stars" (Cassidy Yates)
Spoilerish if you haven't read the book and possibly a little if you have?

I feel like the show is really hitting its stride with this episode?

Me watching:

- Happy-cries at the Coming to America segment.

- Gets confused/intrigued about suns and moons and sons and...

- Has All the Feelz* at the ifrit part because it was one of my top 3 most beloved bits in the book and it was perfect

But why wasn't Mexican Jesus here already and had the border cross him?!?

I want MCU!Quill and Shadow to meet up at a bar and bond over how their dads are 100% dicks.**

But srsly all that stuff about how Jesus had to suffer for other people but u shouldn't blame his parent?!?

And, like, I have been trying to write a post about...IDK, lots of Heathen stuff and racism and The Enduring Cosmic Importance of Shadow's Mom*** but it hasn't been going very well. There is too much; I cannot sum up. I hope we get to see Shadow's mom in the show and she's as amazing as she damn well should be. Maybe that will help.

Shadow making frozen fractals... H-runes everywhere...

Wanted to post fav quotes but forgot them. Must rewatch.

**with a brief moment of "ok, but lube?!?"

**Marvel Loki and Thor could come too, I guess? A bunch of Itempas's kids?

***partly inspired/informed by this article:


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