Apr. 4th, 2017

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School to my older kid:
Why can't you sit still?!? There's something wrong with you! You're a bad student! You want to do more science? Our interpretation of Common Core says that's not important! Also your math and ELA skills can only be demonstrated by filling in these specific worksheets and reading charts and reading these very specific types of books.

School to my younger kid:
We have these different interesting chairs. And it totally counts if you have other people read to you or listen to audiobooks. And we don't just have science; we're doing engineering too! Hands on!

So a lot of what I applaud the school doing makes me sad/mad all over again on behalf of my dear, brilliant, older child.

Plus they won't stop using the word "grit" in their newsletter. It's like the even more condescending version of misapplied notions of "resilience" in the social work world.
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I think this is a good article in general but it's long so I haven't finished it yet but the first few paragraphs are full of hard-hitting truths that are funny as hell.

"If history has taught me anything, it’s that there’s nothing more disappointing or dangerous than a room full of white people."

Is there anything truer than that? I submit not.

We have been elevating the art of the Really Bad Idea to new heights ever since we were first invented.

(And, like, I guess you could say it could be truer if it's more specific? Christian-Capitalist-Heteronormative white people? But all of that seems redundant since Whiteness and White supremacy are inextricably bound up with all those oppressive assumptions and worldviews.)

(Also I forgot that Independence Day thing happened. So often we are breathtakingly, epicly clumsy and ludicrous in our hubristic self-assurance. On the rare occasion when it's not killing and torturing people it's plain funny. )

(When it is folks need to laugh anyway. We are ALWAYS killing people for not taking us seriously, because apparently we don't learn that means you lose forever.)

(Also I did not know that about SURJ. For some reason I thought it was like, the BLM White Folks Auxiliary, or something? I don't claim to be work but I TRY not to be a blundering fool on a regular basis. Ooops. And I think people explained it to me when, like they said not to buy signs from them but I didn't totally get it...)


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