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2017-06-16 12:16 pm

Radom work thoughts

Finished The City. (Cyberfunk dystopian funtimes! http://mvmediaatl.com/the-city.html) Didn't bring another book (or my lunch...or...).

It turns out I can use the computer system here because they have a guest logon! Wheeee!!!

Except in the classroom I'm actually assigned to, because all the computers are for students. Woe. (Using it now because there's no class during this lunch break...)

But this dude has a copy of Feminist Science Teaching, which seems pretty rad, so I am reading it and want to get a copy to read more. I want to take notes but I didn't bring any paper and can't find any.

Students have to read an article about ethical implications of marketing human genetic selection.

Personally I think if we end the world it'll be by fucking with the genomes of insects or maybe plants. Hell, we've already ended some worlds that way...

Not that there aren't plenty of shitty things capitalism and racism and whatnot can do with human genetic manipulation. They just don't seem significantly different to me from things horrible things we've already been doing with medicine and technology for centuries?

And cultural systems like racism are technologies too... "Science" too, obvs, as discussed in the book...
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2017-06-10 04:35 pm

Vaguely related to having seen Wonder Woman (and also the Black Panther trailer?)

I would watch a whole series of Amazons Doin' Things.

I should probably rewatch Xena?

I am strongly in favor of more archers vs. guns, etc.
Different tech and different tactics and fighting styles.

And I'm not against more magical guns. That was used to good effect in The Knights of Breton Court, (tho not the cover art?) and it makes sense and doesn't get used enough.

Guns aren't that great when you run out of bullets.

Guns aren't that great if sand and mud fuck them up.

For a long time guns weren't very accurate.

The guns vs. arrows and using what you can get well points were made well in Suriyothai, with bonus war elephants and bonus awesome everything gahhhh I need more movies like that and a new copy cuz I only had it on VHS.

But anyway, stories that take place in that long span of time are interesting.

I think Changa's Safari does? Anyway it's super awesome and you should all read it and it needs to be a bunch of movies or a TV series.

Superhero movies do magic swords and you-call-it-magic-we-call-it-science spears etc. Non-magic other kinds of weapons in modern times are good too.

Sticks are good.

Does no one have a magical baseball bat?
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2017-06-02 09:26 pm

The Other Side of the Ragnarok?


I have really liked this song for a while, but today I was randomly struck by the thought that the narrator is dallying with some Odin-bothered person or possibly Vegtam hirself.

Like, ravens and wolves calling your name?
Tales of bloody fates?
No simple friendship or love?

IDK; my brain on this *&%@! virus...
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2017-05-22 09:11 am


I find myself wishing American Gods weren't so full of disturbing violence so my kids could see it...
...or moreso that there was another show kind of like it we could watch...
Because it's so vanishingly rare to see respectful* depictions of gods, and faithful people, in the context of pagan or traditional religions.

Maybe sometimes on shows with like, cartoon frogs?
But I can't think of another example on a live-action show.
Granted I don't watch much TV...
Even the movie examples I can think of are all cartoons, largely Disney, with lots of other issues...

*I don't feel a lot of the depictions are that respectful, but somehow the way things are presented in the world has a basic honoring these things as true and meaningful. Especially the people who are depicted interacting with the gods. So far...
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2017-05-21 01:17 pm

American Gods Ep 4









(and feelz...)


In summary of this episode:

The Audrey and Laura Show is snarky complex woman character goodness.


Getting there hurt, personally.
I wanted to kill Shadow when he told her to wait.
There's no right answer.
You cannot promise to be someone in a life you can't plan.
Plus, when your true love wants to come to the underworld with you, you're supposed to say yes.

But I do like Laura, painful empathy aside.
And I like her style:
Fuck nuance. Punch enemies. Figure shit out as you go.
Luthien sang but Laura (which means something in Latin, I should look it up...) doesn't need finesse.
And she's not the god, so...

Draugr lore seems relevant here.
When you have business left to settle,
may something about you be too ornery to die.

I hope Audrey keeps doing stuff and/or we get a bunch more woman characters.
The book was quite weak on that, as I can't stop remembering.
And very especially on woman characters who do stuff together...

No Coming To America?!? Booo!!!

He's the light of all our lives, tho, Laura.
For some stuff you gotta share.
A warm light for all mankind.
Hidden away in every box and tomb and curse.

Ok but srsly the relationship issues and dialogue.

I have pretty much said the thing about living in a cardboard box a few times
To people who needed something much different from life but still kept begging me to wait
to hold it down and make it work
as if that's something you can just decide to do, to be...
And also to people who seem to have nothing to lose
but are still too connected to something old and rotten but deeply rooted...

Also I want moar scrapbooking magic.
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2017-05-14 10:24 am

American Gods Ep3

Spoilerish if you haven't read the book and possibly a little if you have?

I feel like the show is really hitting its stride with this episode?

Me watching:

- Happy-cries at the Coming to America segment.

- Gets confused/intrigued about suns and moons and sons and...

- Has All the Feelz* at the ifrit part because it was one of my top 3 most beloved bits in the book and it was perfect

But why wasn't Mexican Jesus here already and had the border cross him?!?

I want MCU!Quill and Shadow to meet up at a bar and bond over how their dads are 100% dicks.**

But srsly all that stuff about how Jesus had to suffer for other people but u shouldn't blame his parent?!?

And, like, I have been trying to write a post about...IDK, lots of Heathen stuff and racism and The Enduring Cosmic Importance of Shadow's Mom*** but it hasn't been going very well. There is too much; I cannot sum up. I hope we get to see Shadow's mom in the show and she's as amazing as she damn well should be. Maybe that will help.

Shadow making frozen fractals... H-runes everywhere...

Wanted to post fav quotes but forgot them. Must rewatch.

**with a brief moment of "ok, but lube?!?"

**Marvel Loki and Thor could come too, I guess? A bunch of Itempas's kids?

***partly inspired/informed by this article: https://mic.com/articles/175489/american-gods-reinvents-itself-through-its-black-protagonist#.AifPqB4jg
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2017-05-04 12:13 pm

Everyone is doing it

Everyone has been talking about this post by The Oatmeal about core beliefs:


It's good, if you haven't read it go for it, probably

(CN for slavery & some implied related medical stuff maybe, briefly mentioned early on)

Books love pictures,
and data loves graphics,
and concepts and ideas love pictures and colors and characters, etc.
so anytime people do this kind of thing I'm for it.

People do it with videos, too, which is fine by me if it's captioned b/c sound + picture doesn't sync up right for my brain for most of that stuff.
(Or for lots of stuff, like, driving. Boo.)

The main thing I don't like is the title, I guess. I'm sure the author could have found stuff I wasn't going to believe, or at least didn't already know, but this wasn't it. (I did get a "Ew, ugh, I forgot about ALL the ways GW was horrible regarding slaves!" strong reaction...)

And I've also spent a lot of time on parts of the internet where people have thoughtful discussions in good faith and make friends, which of course makes it hurt more when fights get out of hand and trolls wreck shit. I mostly avoid other parts for solid mental health reasons. And a lot of my human interaction takes place online. Too much, probably, (by proportion - not too much online, but not enough offline currently...) but all of that is complicated.

And it makes a lot of sense that possible threats to our sense of self and perception of society, etc. would be so horribly dangerous. That complexity of relationships and the need to navigate them is a huge part of what makes us human and what we use language for, and maybe a lot of our cognition in general.

Kids tho. Kids are super good and amazing at learning and change. They aren't necessarily good at recognizing emotional and impulsive reactions, but they can learn and practice. So when you spend time around kids, and people learning stuff or experiencing new stuff in general, it can help remind you about that kind of listening/thinking/sharing.
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2017-04-15 01:05 am

Queer country for 90s kids?

You guys I was reading this article and I found out that Ty Herndon is gay and now I have "What Matters Most" stuck in my head...

And also I was reminded about how I used to ship Craig Morgan Dad from the "Every Friday Afternoon" video with Collin Raye Cop Dad from the "I Think About You" video and I think I wrote a ficlet about it that I believe involved someone doing a karaoke version of "Stand By Your Man?"

I was definitely working on a long original fic about a closeted singer-songwriter dude and there was unrequited pining and disgrace and drinking and awards-show shenanigans and eventually finding love with a bull rider... That was actually kind of good and I wish I knew where the paper notes from circa 2003 are now.

Same article informed me that Chely Wright was dating Brad Paisley for pretendsies and reminded me how much fun it is when Dolly Parton and Melissa Etheridge hang out and I could file a few numbers off and ship that, too...
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2017-04-04 01:20 pm

The Neverending Quest for Peak White Nonsense


I think this is a good article in general but it's long so I haven't finished it yet but the first few paragraphs are full of hard-hitting truths that are funny as hell.

"If history has taught me anything, it’s that there’s nothing more disappointing or dangerous than a room full of white people."

Is there anything truer than that? I submit not.

We have been elevating the art of the Really Bad Idea to new heights ever since we were first invented.

(And, like, I guess you could say it could be truer if it's more specific? Christian-Capitalist-Heteronormative white people? But all of that seems redundant since Whiteness and White supremacy are inextricably bound up with all those oppressive assumptions and worldviews.)

(Also I forgot that Independence Day thing happened. So often we are breathtakingly, epicly clumsy and ludicrous in our hubristic self-assurance. On the rare occasion when it's not killing and torturing people it's plain funny. )

(When it is folks need to laugh anyway. We are ALWAYS killing people for not taking us seriously, because apparently we don't learn that means you lose forever.)

(Also I did not know that about SURJ. For some reason I thought it was like, the BLM White Folks Auxiliary, or something? I don't claim to be work but I TRY not to be a blundering fool on a regular basis. Ooops. And I think people explained it to me when, like they said not to buy signs from them but I didn't totally get it...)
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2017-04-04 07:23 am

School, Grrr!!!

School to my older kid:
Why can't you sit still?!? There's something wrong with you! You're a bad student! You want to do more science? Our interpretation of Common Core says that's not important! Also your math and ELA skills can only be demonstrated by filling in these specific worksheets and reading charts and reading these very specific types of books.

School to my younger kid:
We have these different interesting chairs. And it totally counts if you have other people read to you or listen to audiobooks. And we don't just have science; we're doing engineering too! Hands on!

So a lot of what I applaud the school doing makes me sad/mad all over again on behalf of my dear, brilliant, older child.

Plus they won't stop using the word "grit" in their newsletter. It's like the even more condescending version of misapplied notions of "resilience" in the social work world.
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2017-04-02 09:23 pm

Sensory room


Like this is really nice but I hate the thing about "Maybe every other room in the school will still be a soul-destroying sensory desert, where behavior expectations are unreasonable, but if you act out enough and your legal guardians know the magic words, u can escape sometimes..."
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2017-04-01 04:40 pm

Grrrr! Cont'd

If you are starting from a point of
"We want to welcome everyone"
and someone points out
that there is extra stuff you need to do
to actively welcome
people who can't pay a "suggested donation"
people who can't pay for food
or may not be able to eat outside the meeting time
or are out of foodstamps for the month
people who can't meet your "suggested dress code" for reasons of poverty or sensory issues or religion or etc.
people who need childcare
people who need childcare for children you consider to have unreasonably "special" needs
people who need childcare for sick children
people who can't read
people who can't read English
people who can read Braille
people who can't stand for prolonged periods
people who can't sit still for long
people for whom social interaction or verbal communication is difficult or impossible
etc. OMFG

rethink your goals
rethink your f***ing budget priorities
and for the sake of anything holy

don't condescendingly claim that you ARE being welcoming to everyone and it's their fault and if they cared enough about the issue or the group they would just suck it up

don't you fucking dare

Your budget isn't unlimited
Your effort isn't unlimited

Ok, fine.
If you can't fucking PRIORITZE
What is the point of you?!?
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2017-04-01 04:30 pm


Like, I have so many conversations where it's like,
"We want be welcoming to everyone."
"Then why are you charging a fee?"
"It's just a suggested donation. We won't keep people out if they can't pay."
"Does it say that on the flier? You're going to make them ask? Do you understand how shameful and exhausting that gets?!"

"We want to be welcoming to everyone in the community."
"But you're only advertising to a group that already knows each other."
"We don't want people coming from outside our community!"

"We want to welcome everyone."

"This event is free. It's for children..."
"Too many children came. Some of them were probably from different towns. We can't afford that."

Etc. etc. etc.

Also sometimes/too often my last line wants to be
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2017-04-01 04:30 pm

Job Job Job Job Job

What I need is a job.

It was THE ONLY THING I needed when I got here.
Then I needed childcare to get a job so I could keep paying for childcare, and that's kind of where I'm at now, but...

I need medicine so I can be functional enough to work.
I need community help
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2017-03-21 12:41 pm

More Names and Stuff IDK

Murrah the Slave
Murrah the Bandit
Murrah Faith, Hero of The Federation
Murrah Faith, Mage-Knight Commander
Murrah Faith, Mother of Hope
Murrah Faith, Scourge of The Federation
Capt. Faith, Sword of the Empire
Murrah the Ghost Who Has Posthumously Learned to Have Slightly More Than No Chill

Kel the Dreamer
Kellem the Wanderer
Kel Your Servant In The Name Of The Ancestors
Kellem Jerek, Mage-Knight
KJ & Ben 4ever
Kel Who Is Crying And Psychically Saying Goodbye In Your Dreams Because that Servant in the Name of the Ancestors Thing Is Totally for Life No Joke Dammit
Cmdr Jerek, Insignificant Paper-Pusher of the Empire
Kel the Broken-Hearted
Kellem Jerek, Part-Time Reluctant Step-Dad of the Federation Reborn
KJ the Reasonably Content Ghost

Benya the Orphan
Benya the Really Pale
Benya the Pilot but Marto is better so he gets the top bunk
Benya the Mage-Knight, Key to the Seal, who totally gets the top bunk now
Ben & KJ Forever and Always You Promised
Benya Who Never Even Got a Chance To Say Goodbye
Benya The Hermit With That Strange Kid Who Has Gills
Benya The Smuggler's Friend
Benya The Ghost Who Understands More Now But Is Still Very Grumpy About Many Things
Ben & KJ Forever

Adri the Swift
Adri Don't Stop Running Til You Make It To The Ship, Don't Stop No Matter What You Have to Promise
Adrian Faithlight, Last of His People
Adri & Murrah Forever, In The Name Of The Ancestors
Adrian Faithlight, First of the Mage-Knights Reborn
Adrian Faithlight, Hero of the Federation
Adrian Faithlight, Martyr and Inspiration
Adrian The Very Upset Ghost
Adrian The Proud But Slightly Confused Ghost-Dad
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2017-03-21 12:16 pm


I enjoy those ridiculous lists of suggested baby names.

I was thinking some names/titles/backstories I've come up with for characters almost fit that...


Payton, Devourer of Hotdogs

Ander The Foul Kinslayer, but you can call me Andy

Holly, Daughter of (nah, let's not talk mention your awkward crush on my dad)

Willem The Childkiller (But That Was Before The Great War When I Still Had Legs and also they were zombies and I was protecting my men and the whole thing is a lurid exaggeration anyway can we let it die already please?)
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2017-01-18 10:10 pm

(no subject)


I have to say, I think many people do know how terrifying changing rooms and bathrooms can be. And hallways, too... And walking home...

It's not the same! I'm not saying that!

But a lot of cis people know what it's like to viciously bullied for something related to gender presentation. And a lot of us sort of accept or defend it as "just the way it is," or spout platitudes about being secure in yourself and unconcerned with popularity, or growing a thick skin, or waiting to grow up, or something.

It's only the way it is because people put in effort to keep it that way. We poison ourselves and we kill our friends and our children out of fear and resignation.
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2017-01-17 01:39 pm

Tyrsday for Justice: MLK on indigenous humanity

"Our nation was born in genocide when it embraced the doctrine that the original American, the Indian, was an inferior race." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

It is our duty to renounce the Doctrine of Discovery
and Manifest Destiny

To destroy their every monument
To root out every trace of the contaminant

This is the work of lifetimes
Of centuries;
That's simple math...

A work of joy and hope and frith
And the vibrant future

Of life and freedom and art and community
Against violence
and confinement
and censorship
and segregation
Against fear
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2017-01-11 10:12 am


Quotes that are awesome and I endeavor to use whenever possible (please to add your own!)

1. "Thus far you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience." - Cobra Bubbles
(optional follow-up: "Pray that it continues...")

2. "I know what you would say, and it would sound like wisdom, but for the warning in my heart." PJmovie!Frodo

3. "There is but one [Thingie or Lord of the Thingie] and [he/zie/she/they/it/insert singular pronoun here] does not share power!" - PJmovie!Gandalf

4. "Hello, my name is [multisyllabic name.] You [did Bad Thing or Verbed My Noun], prepare to die!" - Inigo Montoya**

5. "Nassty, [noun]ses! We hatess it, Precioussss!" - Gollum*

**And now there's the Moana variant: "I am [name] of [place]. You will board my boat[/other vehicle], sail across the Great Ocean/[verb across the Great Noun], and restore the [Thing] of [Person]!"

*I quote Gollum a lot. I defnitely use "pocketses," more than "pockets," usually in the sense of "Yessss, this dress has pocketses!!! We loves them, Preciouss, we loves them so..." Nasty thingses, tasty thingses, thing what are The Preciouss... Also "Shouldn't ask us...not its business!" etc.
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2017-01-09 12:14 pm

Silence from our "friends" would be better than this fucking bullshit




So, ok, stuff like this is going around, but what is striking me is the ableism.
People want to know how misinformed people can "function without keepers."
Liberal entertainer pundit dudes call the Fascist-in-Chief-Elect "learning disabled."
ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME YOU BACKSTABBING SO-CALLED ALLIES?!? You insult your enemies by comparing them to decent people who just want to get through the day in a society that constantly questions their right to exist?!?

The mental illness aspect I have been ranting about for a while, but I have noticed an uptick in insulting people with cognitive challenges, (which of course is neurodiversity and overlaps with mental health issues), and anyone who doesn't meet their definition of "fully independent adult."

It's so f'ed up because it's exactly the same thing Trump and the conservatives do, mocking people who ever need or seek help or support with anything!