Jun. 16th, 2017

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Finished The City. (Cyberfunk dystopian funtimes! http://mvmediaatl.com/the-city.html) Didn't bring another book (or my lunch...or...).

It turns out I can use the computer system here because they have a guest logon! Wheeee!!!

Except in the classroom I'm actually assigned to, because all the computers are for students. Woe. (Using it now because there's no class during this lunch break...)

But this dude has a copy of Feminist Science Teaching, which seems pretty rad, so I am reading it and want to get a copy to read more. I want to take notes but I didn't bring any paper and can't find any.

Students have to read an article about ethical implications of marketing human genetic selection.

Personally I think if we end the world it'll be by fucking with the genomes of insects or maybe plants. Hell, we've already ended some worlds that way...

Not that there aren't plenty of shitty things capitalism and racism and whatnot can do with human genetic manipulation. They just don't seem significantly different to me from things horrible things we've already been doing with medicine and technology for centuries?

And cultural systems like racism are technologies too... "Science" too, obvs, as discussed in the book...


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