Jun. 10th, 2017

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I would watch a whole series of Amazons Doin' Things.

I should probably rewatch Xena?

I am strongly in favor of more archers vs. guns, etc.
Different tech and different tactics and fighting styles.

And I'm not against more magical guns. That was used to good effect in The Knights of Breton Court, (tho not the cover art?) and it makes sense and doesn't get used enough.

Guns aren't that great when you run out of bullets.

Guns aren't that great if sand and mud fuck them up.

For a long time guns weren't very accurate.

The guns vs. arrows and using what you can get well points were made well in Suriyothai, with bonus war elephants and bonus awesome everything gahhhh I need more movies like that and a new copy cuz I only had it on VHS.

But anyway, stories that take place in that long span of time are interesting.

I think Changa's Safari does? Anyway it's super awesome and you should all read it and it needs to be a bunch of movies or a TV series.

Superhero movies do magic swords and you-call-it-magic-we-call-it-science spears etc. Non-magic other kinds of weapons in modern times are good too.

Sticks are good.

Does no one have a magical baseball bat?


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