May. 4th, 2017

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Everyone has been talking about this post by The Oatmeal about core beliefs:

It's good, if you haven't read it go for it, probably

(CN for slavery & some implied related medical stuff maybe, briefly mentioned early on)

Books love pictures,
and data loves graphics,
and concepts and ideas love pictures and colors and characters, etc.
so anytime people do this kind of thing I'm for it.

People do it with videos, too, which is fine by me if it's captioned b/c sound + picture doesn't sync up right for my brain for most of that stuff.
(Or for lots of stuff, like, driving. Boo.)

The main thing I don't like is the title, I guess. I'm sure the author could have found stuff I wasn't going to believe, or at least didn't already know, but this wasn't it. (I did get a "Ew, ugh, I forgot about ALL the ways GW was horrible regarding slaves!" strong reaction...)

And I've also spent a lot of time on parts of the internet where people have thoughtful discussions in good faith and make friends, which of course makes it hurt more when fights get out of hand and trolls wreck shit. I mostly avoid other parts for solid mental health reasons. And a lot of my human interaction takes place online. Too much, probably, (by proportion - not too much online, but not enough offline currently...) but all of that is complicated.

And it makes a lot of sense that possible threats to our sense of self and perception of society, etc. would be so horribly dangerous. That complexity of relationships and the need to navigate them is a huge part of what makes us human and what we use language for, and maybe a lot of our cognition in general.

Kids tho. Kids are super good and amazing at learning and change. They aren't necessarily good at recognizing emotional and impulsive reactions, but they can learn and practice. So when you spend time around kids, and people learning stuff or experiencing new stuff in general, it can help remind you about that kind of listening/thinking/sharing.


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